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5 "Gotchas" When Negotiating an Outsourcing Contract

Alsbridge, Inc. - While reducing cost is typically the primary benefit of outsourcing, you also want an outsourcing contract that allows you to realize your immediate and long-term delivery needs, provides contract f... Read More »

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Outsourcing Leadership While organizations of all types leverage multiple service delivery and product...

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Outsourcing Leadership Through the convergence of Voice and Data brought on by MPLS services, Data net...

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Outsourcing Leadership Once the decision to outsource has been made, the client is faced with a host o...

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Outsourcing Leadership In evaluating your information technology sourcing strategy, you typically find...

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Cloud Buyers' Guide - Understanding Cloud and How to Buy It

Over the past several years, the delivery model we call "cloud" has quickly transformed the way organizations work, as well as accelerate their response to changing market demands. The convenience of cloud's fast Read More »